4 things you need to start doing

Image result for processBefore and during the process of undertaking we have many insecurities. There is always the doubt about whether the path we are taking is the way to achieve success. According to Moe Kittaneh, entrepreneur, investor and collaborator in the Entrepreneur magazine, you can mitigate these insecurities and risks if you follow the following 4 steps when undertaking a project.  

1. Find a niche

There are two main ways to identify what you want to undertake. The first is to find a problem that needs to be resolved. In Mexico and around the world, there are many challenges, therefore, there are many areas of opportunity to start a business. The second is that you have a well defined area in which you wish to play, considering the taste, or the experience and knowledge you have in it. If you have identified either of these two ways, you are on the right track.

The secret to finding a niche to undertake is to think in an original way. Define an idea that offers solutions to needs that have not been met. If your idea or solution already exists, look for ways to improve it, so you can face the competition.

2. Set clear objectives and rewards

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As in personal finances, define objectives to make your company or project a reality, write them down and keep them in mind so that you do not forget to fulfill them. If you do not have concrete goals, you will advance, but without a fixed direction and without approaching the idea that you defined in the beginning. Another advantage of having clear objectives is that, each time you reach one, it will fill you with emotion, motivate you to continue with more difficult challenges and in the end you will be amazed at everything you can achieve. In addition, it will give you the feeling of constant progress.

In addition, if we add a reward to each objective fulfilled, we will feel even more motivated. What kind of rewards do we talk about? Reward yourself and your team when they meet goals, not everything is demanding and work, there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself from time to time, after overcoming obstacles or meet challenges. Look for simple rewards, but that motivate you and your team.

You should consider that there are short, medium and long term objectives. The short-term goals are easier to meet, because you must do it today or this week. On the other hand, those of medium or long term are to be achieved in months or years. The best way to manage them is to divide them into smaller parts and thus reach them little by little.

3. Think positive

Sometimes, with so many challenges to overcome, our perspective can become pessimistic, because we do not know if our project will succeed. Also, you should know that there will be difficult challenges and there will not be an equal solution for everything, so you will most likely learn from trial and error. In this scenario, identify what you can improve and keep a positive outlook, you will see that it will be worth it when you see your goals.

If you feel that you can not take it anymore, take a little distance and look for other ways to help you face those problems that plague you.

Also, you must be prepared to face problems that you can not solve. Sometimes, there will be obstacles that you can not overcome, but that does not mean that the project as a whole will not succeed.

4. Enjoy what you do

Image result for funPerhaps the main motivator to become an entrepreneur is that you will dedicate yourself to what you most like to do. If you are not enthusiastic about the niche that you will attend or do not find the benefit of what you do, do not continue! Your project will become a burden.

Why should we enjoy what we do? Mainly to be happy, so we can transmit and sell our idea with more energy to investors and customers, which are key for a business does not fail. Also, if you love your company or project, you will always do your best to strengthen it.

In conclusion, to begin to undertake, you must be clear about the scope in which you can offer new solutions or think about several ideas to create an original company. Establish a plan with specific objectives to achieve a great goal and look for the positive side of entrepreneurship. Finally, do not forget to enjoy what you do, this will be essential to determine if you must continue or surrender.

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