June 28 world tree day

 This Sunday is celebrated the world day of the tree, a day like this is worth stopping to reflect a few minutes on the trees, those living beings protective of the atmosphere, soil and water, shelter of birds and screen against the wind and the dust that can not move voluntarily, but that day by day are victims of man’s action on nature.

Image result for world tree dayThe Day of the Tree is a reminder of the importance of protecting wooded areas. Day in which society is mobilized to pay homage to something that is part of our lives but that we tend to forget and treat as if it were just another object of the urbanism that surrounds us. Schools and associations are mobilized by creating events of different kinds such as planting a tree, cleaning forests, carrying out family activities in nature that allow discovering the characteristics of trees or such simple things as simply visiting a park. These are initiatives that help to educate society from the root of the origin, instilling good practices to future generations that will replace us in the years to come.

# Nevertheless it would be convenient to remember its importance not only in the day that is celebrated, but not being aware every day of the importance of preserving these immobile beings since the trees are indispensable for the functioning of life as we conceive it. They are directly responsible for the oxygen we breathe and for many of the foods we eat. From them are extracted both healing substances and medicines and lethal poisons. Many of the dresses that protect us from the cold, from the soaps that clean us, from the paintings that decorate our home or from the numerous products with which the industry is supplied have an origin in vegetables. They hold the earth and defend it against the erosive factors of nature, such as rain and wind. They can provide us with shade, shelter and beauty. Life on Earth would not be the same without the presence of plants.

 And with a great phrase of John F. Kennedy I hope you reflect, if only today, on the importance of taking care of the environment that surrounds us.

“Trees are poems that the Earth writes in the sky. We cut them and turn them into paper, to be able to record our emptiness. “

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