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Fast, easy and free. This is WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in Mexico that today has everyone delighted by the ease it offers to optimize our communication in an empathic and very personal way.

We believe that we can only use WhatsApp for messaging, or not? Well it’s time for you to know that this app can not only serve you to send beautiful messages with cute faces; It can also help you boost your business and close sales in a more personalized and faster way.

Calls to action had never become so attractive with the arrival of this social network.

Do you want to know how to achieve it?

Do not stop reading!

We can walk down the street and find ads like this. And without a doubt, it is very curious for the buyers of a product to find the novelty of asking for something that interests us through a simple WhatsApp message. What comfort!

And, yes, it is, because in this way we can save time to start trading the product that we want so much. WhatsApp is a great opportunity to close sales with our customers.

We have already put in your shoes to analyze why this platform is so effective and what are the advantages of engaging in a conversation through this medium.

And is that almost all the numbers of our prospects are in WhatsApp. There are 35 million Mexicans with an active cell phone number who have an account in WA and therefore, it is necessary to learn certain techniques to get the most out of this digital tool.

But beware! Sending a message through WhatsApp to a prospect does not mean that you have to lose the formality or that you can send messages every time to ensure a successful sales closing. On the contrary, using WA requires tact and empathy to achieve your goals without SPAM.

The first impression is what counts

The first impression is what counts

It does not matter that you are not talking face to face with your prospect: you have to maintain an adequate communication to generate more impact on them. Therefore, it is necessary to learn that not all your sales will be developed through WhatsApp.

This is just one step in the process that you should take advantage of very well. Therefore, let’s start with an example of this so that you can learn it better.

You are the seller of cell phone accessories and in addition to having a store or place in a city site, you also have a catalog of images so that your potential customers are aware of your promotions and your new products.

Then you receive the visit of a person who had the opportunity to see your store but who also left his cell phone number to receive the newest of your products and make a sale in the future.

A few days pass and with your new products, there is also the opportunity to call your prospect to tell you that you have new cell phone accessories. You ask if you would like to see your catalog with your new products through WhatsApp and you answer yes.

Finally, you are about to get in touch with your client through this platform and this is where we will show you a series of recommendations to reach the glorious destination of sales closing and thus win the hearts of your customers.

Never send SPAM

Never send SPAM

It is good that you want to keep in touch with your prospect, but if you send more than once messages in a massive way with colorful content and untimely, then your prospect will block you and you will lose an opportunity.

As much as possible, do not send unwanted messages to your customers in this way. Therefore, short and personalized messages are ideal to add that value that your client expects. Never forget to ask if you want to send images or videos about your products.

Do not write as if you were a bot

The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can personalize very well with your customers and achieve that match and the confidence you need to believe in you and your products.

The best way to achieve that empathy with your customers and prospects is to speak to you as if it were one of your contacts but in a more friendly and respectful way, without falling into formality.

Also, try not to write very long texts because otherwise, you will fall into the error of SPAM content: people do not like to read such heavy messages. The best are the brief, friendly and separate messages, where you go to the point of what you want to talk, without detours.

And as a safety data, avoid using names so that your prospects and customers can identify you more easily, such as “Ale Ventas” or “Miguel Accesorios”. It will always be better to show your real name and surname, in this way you generate more trust among your buyers.

Use a good profile picture

Use a good profile picture

The best way to earn the trust of your customers is to get to know you better. And for this, you must have a profile picture on WhatsApp with a good quality, where your face is distinguished and that does not look pixelated.

The image you have will speak a lot about you, so you should choose a good quality photograph, preferably smiling. Do not use images of your products, or your personal tastes. It has to be yours and nothing else

Avoid capitalization

One of the worst mistakes you can make is writing all the time in capital letters. It is clear that the best thing is that your messages are the most prominent for your customers, but doing it in capital letters is synonymous with being yelling when you have the person in front.

If you do not want your prospects and clients to block you or simply ignore your messages, avoid using capital letters.

Take advantage of the emojis

Take advantage of the emojis

WhatsApp has a resource that you have surely used and that has become the symbol of this application throughout the world: the emojis.

And is that these little faces can help us describe any situation without using a word. Well, it does not mean that you are going to write to your clients and prospects in this way, but when you use them you bring that warmth that your readers value a lot and above all, empathy.

Learning to use them can give confidence to your messages and achieve a successful sale closing.

Use the PDF in your favor

If you are curious, you have already noticed that you can send PDF documents by WhatsApp. And if you want to avoid the massive sending of images with the news of your products or services for your clients and prospects, the ideal is that you have a version in this format of your catalog.

The PDF is a file format that allows you to view images and text in a simpler and more friendly document.

Provide valuable information to your customers.

Provide valuable information to your customers.

If you want to be that essential contact for your clients, you can send each morning a minimum informative text with useful information that your contacts appreciate.

It can be the weather of the day or the weather forecasts for a whole week, so that they only receive one message of yours per week.

Create dynamics such as sweepstakes or contests

The benefits of having all your prospects and customers on WhatsApp is that you can organize contests that motivate your contacts to keep up with your news. Therefore, the following tips can give you ideas to boost your networks and know you more.

Define if you want to make a draw or contest: Although both dynamics are interesting, the recommendation is that you organize a contest because this way you will achieve more interaction with your contacts. Your participation will be more active and you will increase your visibility among your own contacts.

A positive result of these dynamics are the recommendations that your own clients will make of you.

Make clear the rules: Before starting your contest, do not forget to make clear the rules of your contest so that you do not have any inconsistency in the process of the contest.

If there are things that will be defined during the dynamics and that are not foreseen in the rules, you should also make it clear. Try to be clear and not so long.

Make a visually appealing dynamic: All the content that you are going to make must be striking and personalized, that is, attract your contacts to the dynamics and make this a fun experience.

Use the potential of other social networks: If possible, promote your contest through the social networks of your products. Thus, you can reach many more people and invite them to join without any problems.

Using your WhatsApp to boost your products will help you broaden your horizons about what your customers prefer and to whom you can sell them more.

Remember that this app is just a complement, since you can help other social networks to integrate a strategy that opens the doors of successful sales.

Learning to optimize your time and your sales will always give you the extra time to achieve your goals.

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